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The safety of my guests is particularly important to me.


Below is the cleaning regime that I will put in place until the French government tells me that we are safe from Covid-19. I will regularly check official advice from the French government about the safe operation of my bed and breakfast and update these procedures as necessary.


Normally I clean your bathroom, empty your rubbish bin and make your bed every day. If you stay at Les Chimères now, here's what I'll do to help protect us all:

When you check in, your room will not have been occupied by other guests during the 24 hours prior to your stay.

Your room will be cleaned with disinfectant (containing 70% alcohol). I will wear a mask and gloves during the cleaning.This will include door handles, window frames and latches, keys, bedside tables, lamps, tables, chairs, TV controller. 

All bedding, including mattress protectors and pillows, will be washed at 60 degrees and dried in a hot dryer. Your bedding will only be handled by me wearing gloves and a mask. The bed will be made just before check-in to allow for airing of the bed.

If you stay more than one night, let me know if you prefer that I stay out of your room rather than making the bed etc.

If you read books and magazines in the rooms, please leave them on the bed when departing so I can "quarantine" them.

Soap is provided in each bathroom.

I will prepare your breakfast and bring it to your room unless no other guests will be at table. I will simply knock on your door at an agreed time and leave the tray outside. 

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